Log Splitting Axes

Log Splitting Axes

Log Splitting Axe Information

Log splitting axes are designed for breaking logs down into manageable pieces so that they can be stored easily and used as firewood. Instead of being used to cut through the wood fibres, like a felling axe, a splitting axe is used to split them apart. Splitting mauls can also be used for the same application, but in comparison splitting axes are lighter and less physically demanding. They are available in a range of lengths and smaller splitting axes can be used with less fatigue when preparing small logs while large splitting axes like the XXL Fiskars X27 can generate large swing forces for efficiently breaking open larger logs. Log splitting axes are typically available with either wooden or composite handles - wood has been the traditional choice for centuries, but modern composite plastics can make an axe lighter as well as more durable and weather proof. Some splitting axes have a hammer reverse function, whereby they can be used to hammer Splitting wedges into especially tough logs.

Log splitting axe safety:

Axes can be dangerous so if you have never used one before, make sure you are familiar with the correct operational techniques to ensure maximum safety. Suitable eye protection (tight fitting goggles are usually a good choice) and steel toe cap boots are recommended.

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