Planers & Thicknessers

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DeWalt DCP580 18v XR Cordless Brushless Planer

2 types from £124.95

in stock

Makita DKP180 18v LXT Cordless Planer

2 types from £159.95

in stock

Makita 2012NB Planer Thicknesser

2 types from £599.95

in stock

Milwaukee M18 BP 18v Cordless Planer

2 types from £189.95

in stock

Makita KP0800 Planer

2 types £139.95

in stock

Makita KP0810CK Heavy Duty Planer

2 types £289.95

in stock

Bosch PHO 1500 Planer


in stock

Einhell TE-PL 18/82 Li 18v Cordless Planer

5 types from £94.95

in stock

DeWalt D26500K Planer

2 types £319.95

in stock

DeWalt D27300 Planer Thicknesser



Bosch GHO 12 V-20 12v Cordless Brushless Planer

2 types from £210.95


Bosch GHO 16-82 D Planer



Makita KP312 Heavy Duty Planer



Draper P950E82/4 Planer



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Planer Thicknesser

Planers & Thicknessers Information

Planers and thicknessers are used to even out irregularities in wood, and, in the case of the hand held power planer, they can also be used to add chamfers or carve rebates too. Evolving from hand planes, these tools enable the user to prepare large amounts of stock at a fraction of the time it would take by hand, and with considerably less physical effort.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Planer Thicknessers – The Planer Thicknesser is designed to process wide, flat boards quickly and efficiently. The required planing depth is set and then the material is simply fed into the machine. An essential tool in many carpentry and joinery workshops, the planer thicknesser ensures all the stock needed for a project is flat and uniform before commencing with construction.
• Planers – like the hand planes they evolved from, power planers can be used for planing smaller areas like the end grain of a workpiece as well as larger surfaces. They are also found in a range of sizes, from compact 12v cordless models to monsters like the Makita KP312. Most models are supplied with a side fence which enables them to be used for cutting rebates as well as standard surface planing. Another common task planers are suitable for is creating chamfers, and many have a grooved slot in their sole plate to facilitate this application.

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