Ronseal 10 Year Wood Stain

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Ronseal 10 Year Wood Stain

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Customer Questions & Answers

bernadette speight asked on 07/07/2021

Q : Why is this Ronseal 10-year wood stain not suitable for decking, does it scratch easily? Is it ok for planters inside and out?

TooledUp answered on 14/07/2021

A : Hi Bernadette, I'm afraid Ronseal haven't provided any info on why this isn't suitable for decking. It seems to be primarily intended for vertical surfaces like doors, so it could be that it doesn't cope well with water pooling on top of it, it could be that it wears out from regular footfall (as you suggest) or maybe it is slippery to walk on for some reason..? It could be another reason entirely of course, and if you're concerned you might be able to get more detailed information from Ronseal if you try contacting them directly.




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