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Sheet Sanders Information

A Sheet sander is often known as an Orbital Sander or Finishing Sander, and they are designed around the standard dimensions of a sheet of sandpaper. For this reason they are classed as either 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 sheet sanders, depending on the size of their sanding plate. A sheet of sandpaper can be cut up and fixed to the sanding plate or alternatively purpose built sanding sheets are available which come cut to the correct size and pre-punched with dust extraction holes (many Sheet Sanders are also supplied with templates that enable you to punch out these holes yourself). Sheet Sanders tend to be amongst the least aggressive sanders and one of their main advantages is that they can sand up against straight borders and into corners, surfaces which are often out of bounds to disc based machines like random orbital sanders.

Sheet Sander Safety:

Be aware that many older paints and building materials can produce hazardous dust when sanded so take the time to ascertain whether there is any health risk before starting a project. Even relatively benign materials can be harmful or irritating once turned into fine dust so always make sure you are wearing suitable PPE, including respiratory protection.

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