Black & Decker Grass Trimmers

Black & Decker Grass TrimmersBlack & Decker Grass Trimmers have been widely used the world over for years. In fact, Black & Decker originally trademarked the now ubiquitous term "Strimmer" for their grass trimmer range, which they still use today. Black & Decker Strimmers are available either as corded electric machines, or as cordless tools which are powered by a rechargeable battery.

Black & Decker Corded Electric Grass Trimmers do not offer as much freedom as cordless models but they are cheaper and may be perfect for your requirements if you have a small or medium sized garden and don't mind using an extension lead.

Black & Decker Cordless Grass Trimmers use lithium ion batteries which are also compatible with other Black & Decker cordless tools in the same voltage class and which make them much more user-friendly to run and maintain compared to petrol alternatives. Black & Decker Cordless Strimmers have become much more powerful and efficient over the years to the point where many people are surprised at how effective they can be. Special mention must go to the GLC3630L which is one of our all-time best sellers!

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