Greenworks GD40BV 40v Cordless Brushless Garden Vacuum and Leaf Blower

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Greenworks GD40BV 40v Cordless Brushless Garden Vacuum and Leaf Blower

Battery Voltage Explained

A tool with a higher voltage than another is a bit like choosing an engine in a car, the higher voltage will generally mean higher power & performance. As with cars though a bigger engine does not always translate to better performance so it is important to compare the specifications of tools at different voltages between different manufacturers.

Battery AH Explained

The best way to describe battery amp hour is that this is effectively the size of your fuel tank, the more amp hours your battery has then the longer the battery will last between charges. More amp hours does not increase the power of a given tool.

Greenworks 40v Battery System

The Greenworks 40v Li-ion System is a range of 40v tools where all 40v batteries of all ah ratings fit all tools, allowing you to buy just a few batteries but as many of the range of bare tools that you need without the expense of a new batteries and chargers each time.

There are three main types of leaf blowers – Petrol, corded electric and cordless electric. As a general rule, Petrol blowers offer the most power at the expense of being heavier and noisier and than their electric counterparts, and typically come at a higher price.

Electric blowers are much quieter and more suitable for residential areas, and are usually powered by either lithium ion battery packs, or mains electricity.

Corded variants are cheaper to manufacture as they don’t require batteries or chargers, though their obvious limitation is the length of cord they are attached to.

Cordless variants offer much more freedom, though the amount of time they can be used for is dependent on the charge in their batteries. Higher amp-hour (ah) batteries will offer the most runtime, while higher voltage machines will provide more power.

Leaf blowers can also be effective at clearing snow, dust and dirt; however please bear in mind they are not designed to shift piles of wet leaves and much better results can be obtained by waiting for these to dry out first.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Kevin asked on 05/11/2020

Q : Can you buy the blower vacuum with out batteries and charger what is the cost I already have greenworks lawnmower and strimmer they use the 40 volt battery

TooledUp answered on 05/11/2020

A : Hi Kevin, yes this is available without batteries and charger - simply choose that option from the green drop down menu (where it says "Please Select Batteries") and it will show you all the details

John asked on 17/08/2020

Q : What is the total cost of a Greenworks GD40BV Cordless Leaf & Vacuum including battery and charger please? And what is its weight, including battery, in its vacuum mode?

TooledUp answered on 17/08/2020

A : Hi John, the answer to both questions depends on what battery you want to use it with, as there are currently three different models available with progressively higher cost, capacity and weight. It is available as a prepackaged kit with two batteries and a charger and to see the price all you need to do is select that version from the green drop down menu at the top right, but alternatively you can use any of the batteries and chargers shown in the "Accessories for this Product" section if you want to buy them separately. Greenworks list the standard weight as being 2.18kg, so I'm guessing you could be looking at around 3 or 4kg with one of the largest batteries installed

eric tomlinson asked on 03/11/2017

Q : does the blower vac come with the bag attachment for the blower /mulcher

TooledUp answered on 06/11/2017

A : I can confirm that both body only and 2 x 2ah battery kit come with blower tube, suction tube and collection bag




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