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Electric garden saws can be a great time and labour saver when it comes to garden pruning tasks , as well as bringing additional benefits for many other DIY applications around the home. We stock two types, both from the Bosch DIY range: the KEO series of reciprocating saws, and the Nanoblade series of miniature chainsaws.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

KEO reciprocating saws - while a standard reciprocating saw is often used by gardeners to tackle tree branches, the KEO has the added benefit of a detachable A-frame attachment which enables it to grip onto branches while sawing, ensuring clean, precise and controlled cuts. It is also very compact and lightweight, meaning it can be used comfortably by a wide range of gardeners. Apart from its uses in the garden, the KEO can also be fitted with blades for metal or plaster, making it a versatile tool for use inside the home as well.

Nanoblade saws - the Nanoblade is a much more compact and less intimidating version of another power tool commonly used for tree pruning: the chainsaw. The EasyCut 12 is a cordless machine which is easy to handle and provides a quick and easy solution for wood cutting tasks. Like the KEO it will also prove useful for many DIY tasks as well as being a handy tool for keeping the garden maintained.

Electric Garden Saw Safety:

Electric saws should always be handled with care to avoid injury. Read the manual and familiarise yourself with the functions of the tool before using it. To protect yourself against any debris or blade breakages, make sure you are wearing suitable eye protection.

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