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Pressure Sprayers

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Pressure Sprayers, pump sprayers, backpack sprayers or knapsack sprayers are used to deliver liquid in pressurised spray form, commonly for gardening, agriculture and weed control or to dampen down dust during construction tasks. They are often used to spray chemicals like herbicides but it is important to check what a sprayer is suitable for before purchasing as this can vary according to the construction of the sprayer and the properties of the liquid to be sprayed. Some of the more high end pressure sprayers use Viton seals; these are made from a type of durable, high performance rubber which provides enhanced resistance to harsh chemicals and extremes of temperature. Manually operated pump sprayers are the most common type of pressure sprayer but you can get also get petrol powered sprayers which are ideal for applications where extra power is required (such as spraying trees from ground level) as well as rechargeable battery versions which enable the operator to cover a larger area without having to stop to manually pump the machine.

Note that pressure sprayers require air in the tank to operate properly; therefore they cannot be filled completely to the stated capacity. You can often find the operational capacity stated in the main description.

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