ARS PM-21L Folding Pruning Saw Turbocut Straight Blade

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ARS PM-21L Folding Pruning Saw Turbocut Straight Blade

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Customer Questions & Answers

M Hart asked on 01/02/2022

Q : Why is this saw out of stock? Are you expecting a delivery?

TooledUp answered on 02/02/2022

A : Hi there, as per a previous answer we will be getting some more in but they're not expected until June. I believe the reason they're out of stock is because Gardeners World awarded them a best buy and there's suddenly been a huge spike in demand. However, we do stock a very similar ARS pruning saw on product ID 21006166 which is still available to order. It's fundamentally the same design but a bit longer (240mm)

Audrey Tweed asked on 22/01/2022

Q : What difference does the tooth pitch make. 3 or 4 ? I am a senior lady wanting to tidy up my shrubs and I am finding my lopper difficult on the thicker branches.

TooledUp answered on 24/01/2022

A : Hi Audrey, on these particular saws the 4mm tooth pitch model has a more aggressive blade which will translate to faster cuts - so if you're not concerned about the quality of the cut, this will let you get the job done faster with less effort. If you notice the 3mm pitch model has finer teeth which will leave a cleaner finish but will take longer to saw through the wood, so it would also be suitable for carpentry applications for example. I say "on these particular saws" because generally speaking, the lower the TPI, the coarser the cut - so I think the way they measure these in Japan has got slightly lost in translation unfortunately...

Sally Parker asked on 22/01/2022

Q : Please can you let me know when this item is in stock? Thank you ARSPM-21L - Folding Pruning Saw

TooledUp answered on 24/01/2022

A : Hi Sally, we're planning to implement an "in-stock notification system" but unfortunately it's still at the development stage - however I've just checked and unfortunately we're not expecting them any time soon. The current due date is the 6th of June 2022; once the shipment is confirmed they should no longer show as "out of stock" on our website and will have a delivery ETA instead




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