Bosch Blue Genuine AL 2450 DV 7.2v - 24v NICAD and NiMH Fast Battery Charger

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Bosch Blue Genuine AL 2450 DV 7.2v - 24v NICAD and NiMH Fast Battery Charger

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Customer Questions & Answers

S McDonald asked on 30/04/2020

Q : So much for answering in 24hrs I asked why it take a month to send out a charger

TooledUp answered on 30/04/2020

A : Hi there, I'm sure I answered this question but apologies maybe you didn't get it. Many items on our website are subject to long delays at the moment as there is currently unprecedented demand for them, and this is a charger we would have to order in from Bosch first. As it is an older charger it is also a special order item, and not something that Bosch will have in stock in a great quantity. As well as getting the stock in, we have a huge amount of orders going through the system and are having to ensure we comply with lockdown restrictions to keep our staff and everyone around us as safe as possible during this time. While these restrictions are in place, and while people continue to place a huge number of orders, there will inevitably be delays and we don't wish to make promises for delivery times that will be impossible to fulfil.

Gareth Squair asked on 26/04/2020

Q : Does this charger charge the Bosch PSB24ve -2 ? If so can I order please

TooledUp answered on 26/04/2020

A : Hi Gareth, I believe the PSB 24 VE2 was a Green (DIY) power tool? This charger is designed for Bosch Blue (Professional) power tools so if the drill is green in colour I don't believe it is the right model for your batteries.

S McDonald asked on 26/04/2020

Q : As Ann Norwoo asked too.. I have an old GSR 18v Bosch drill with nicad batteries and need a charger the number on the battery is the same as Ann's ie 70745 buy mine days 18v not 2. Would this charger work or no, if not do you have one that will work. Thanks

TooledUp answered on 26/04/2020

A : Ah OK, as the Nicad range is quite old now unfortunately I'm not too familiar with them, but I've found the GSR 18 V online and the product I'm looking at (Bosch partcode 0601995E70) was originally shipped with the AL 2425 DV battery charger, which we also stock on product ID 21026054. It looks like they are the same, with the only difference being that the AL 2450 DV is a fast charger but I wouldn't like to say for sure and it may be safer to go with the 2425 if that appears to be what originally came with your drill.

Ann Norwood asked on 15/04/2020

Q : Does this charger charge a 18v Bosch D-70745 battery?

TooledUp answered on 16/04/2020

A : Hi Ann, unfortunately most of the information I have found seems to imply that the D-70745 is a 12v battery of the type used in the current generation of Bosch Professional cordless tools, so I'm not able to verify what battery you have. It would have to be a NICAD or NiMH battery rather than a Li-Ion or Lithium Ion battery, and it would have to be from a Bosch Professional (Blue) tool - not from a DIY/Garden (Green) tool, if that helps?

George asked on 27/02/2020

Q : Do you stock the 24 v 3.0 Ah nicad batteries for this charger

TooledUp answered on 27/02/2020

A : We don't stock any Bosch professional nicad batteries I'm afraid - I might be wrong but I think under EU regulations manufacturers aren't allowed to continue manufacturing them (since the shift to lithium ion)




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