Bosch Genuine BLUE 36v Cordless CoolPack Li-ion Battery 2ah

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Bosch Genuine BLUE 36v Cordless CoolPack Li-ion Battery 2ah

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Battery AH Explained

The best way to describe battery amp hour is that this is effectively the size of your fuel tank, the more amp hours your battery has then the longer the battery will last between charges. More amp hours does not increase the power of a given tool.

Battery Voltage Explained

A tool with a higher voltage than another is a bit like choosing an engine in a car, the higher voltage will generally mean higher power & performance. As with cars though a bigger engine does not always translate to better performance so it is important to compare the specifications of tools at different voltages between different manufacturers.

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Customer Questions & Answers

SH asked on 22/04/2020

Q : Many thanks for the prompt reply and advice - my original ones from 2009 are red and not green coloured on the sides and hence the question. Is the suggested model the same as your product on Amazon?

TooledUp answered on 22/04/2020

A : Hi there, no problem - it's a bit hard to say with Amazon as the same product is often sold by several different sellers and I'm not sure exactly what product you're looking at. But the important thing to note is that it should be for the 36v Bosch GARDEN range - they have introduced a few minor aesthetic design changes along the way, hence why they are now green instead of the original red colour, probably in an effort to distinguish between them a bit better. Basically Bosch have two ranges - all their Green coloured tools are for the domestic market and use different batteries to their Blue coloured tools which are designed for Professional users. Unfortunately this sometimes causes confusion but as long as you're not trying to use a Professional battery in a domestic tool (or the other way round) you should be all good :)

SH asked on 21/04/2020

Q : This Item Id : 21026069 looks to be the same as 20999992 but a different price - can you tell me if there is any difference and which one do I need for a Bosch Rotak 43 lawnmower? Thanks!

TooledUp answered on 21/04/2020

A : Hi there, you actually wouldn't want either of these for a Rotak mower - they are for the Bosch Professional (Blue) range of industrial power tools. The equivalent battery for mowers, grass trimmers etc is this one: 21006775

Roger Probert asked on 17/04/2020

Q : Will a Bosch battery charger for 36v 2.6Ah batteries be compatible with a 36v 4 or 6Ah battery?

TooledUp answered on 17/04/2020

A : Yes, the battery chargers will be able to charge batteries of any currently available capacity without problem.




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