Black & Decker Saws

Black & Decker SawsBlack & Decker Saws have enabled generations of DIYers to improve their homes and gardens with reliable, time-saving and cost effective solutions for cutting through wood and common construction materials. All of Black & Decker's present day saws are manufactured for the home and garden market so they're much cheaper than contractor grade tools, but with the Black & Decker brand name you can be assured they'll deliver performance you can rely on.

There are a variety of different Black & Decker Saws to choose from but as a quick general guide, circular saws are ideal for straight cuts, jigsaws are ideal for curved cuts, and Recipro saws are ideal for demolition (or for pruning trees). Black & Decker corded electric Saws will let you work all day long as long as you're within easy reach of a power socket, while Black & Decker cordless Saws offer less runtime but much greater freedom, especially when working outdoors. Most of the cordless models are part of the Black & Decker 18v lithium system and the same battery can be used to power a wide variety of of cordless tools for the home and garden.

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