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The chainsaw is without a doubt the fastest and most efficient tool on the market for heavy duty pruning and tree felling, as well as preparing logs for firewood, transport or storage. In addition to the large petrol Chainsaws commonly used by professional loggers and forestry workers, there are a wide variety of smaller petrol, electric and battery powered models on the market which have become increasingly popular amongst gardeners and home owners.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

Petrol Chainsaws petrol engines have historically offered a superior combination of power and portability, and remain the tool of choice when it comes to heavy duty workloads. They tend to be heavier and harder to control than electric machines; therefore they are not always recommended as a first choice for inexperienced chainsaw operators.
Corded Electric Chainsaws - a Corded Electric Chainsaw starts instantly at the press of a button and brings with it the potential for unlimited runtime, as long as you are working close to a power socket. They are not as powerful as petrol machines and are better suited to domestic applications or lighter duty jobs.
• Cordless Chainsaws - usually powered by lithium ion batteries, these are generally reserved for lighter duty tasks, though performance can vary based on operating voltage and battery capacity. They can offer the best combination of convenience and mobility, but they cannot currently match petrol machines for sheer power.

Chainsaw Safety:

Chainsaws are dangerous machines and should be handled with caution. Wear protective chainsaw clothing along with a safety helmet and visor to ensure optimum safety and make sure you have read the user manual thoroughly before using one.

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McCulloch CSE2040S Electric Chainsaw 400mm

McCulloch CSE2040S Electric Chainsaw 400mm

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